QtPass is a free, open-source multiplatform Password manager

What is QtPass?

QtPass is an open-source, free password manager GUI for the standard Unix password manager "pass" application.

The "pass" password manager is a command-line open-source feature-rich application that follows Unix's philosophy.

the pass program allows the user to generate, store, manage, passwords, all can be done through the shell by simple commands.

QtPass offers everything pass does in a straightforward easy-to-use interface.

QtPass Features

QtPass Password Manager
  • Simple easy-to-use interface
  • Using pass or git and gpg2 directly
  • Comes with a powerful password generator
  • Using native widgets and iconography where possible
  • Reading pass password stores
  • Decrypting and displaying the password and related info
  • Editing and adding passwords and information
  • Updating to and from a git repository
  • Per-folder user selection for multi-recipient encryption
  • Configuration options for backends and executable/folder locations
  • Copying password to clipboard
  • Configurable shoulder surfing protection options
  • Easy onboarding for new users
  • Experimental WebDAV support
  • Cross-platform: Linux, BSD, OS X, and Windows
  • Supports backup and restore

Download and Install QtPass on Windows

Simply download the executable package and install it on Windows.

Windows users also can install it via Chocolatey with this command:

choco install qtpass

Download and Install QtPass on macOS

For macOS, users can download the DMG package, or install it using Howbrew Cask with this command:

brew cask install qtpass

Download and Install QtPass on Linux

1- Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, and derivates like Kali & Raspbian

apt-get install qtpass

2- Gentoo

emerge -atv qtpass

3- Arch Linux

pacman -S qtpass

4- FreeBSD

pkg install qtpass

5- OpenSUSE & Fedora

yum install qtpass

dnf install qtpass


QtPass is released under GPL-3.0 License.


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