What is Quiki?

Quiki is a file-based web engine and server featuring a productive source language, markdown, image generation, categories, templates, and revision tracking.

Quiki is a fully-featured wiki suite and standalone web server that is completely file-based, instead of storing content in a database, each page is represented by a text file written in the clean and productive quiki source language.

Some may consider it also a static generator, as it allows you to convert and export text files  to HTML and CSS website that is ready to serve online.


  1. Offers its own language which is easy to learn and master
  2. Uses Git as a backend to store pages, attachments and files
  3. Uses Markdown syntax
  4. Easy to install, configure and use
  5. Comes with a built-in straightforward web editor
  6. Git-based revision and tracking system
  7. User any editor you like as VS Code, Brackets, Atom, Vim or even Nano.
  8. Convert and export text files into HTML and CSS websites

(adminifier) Web admin features

  • Online page editor with sophisticated autocompletion and fillable forms to generate code
  • Ability to view, compare, and revert specific revisions
  • Media upload tool
  • Server administration panel for managing multiple sites
  • Role-based user management for differing authority levels
  • Site and server statistics
  • Site and server configuration editors

Tech Stack

Quiki is written in the Go programming language.


Quiki is released under the ISC License.

The ISC license is functionally equivalent to the BSD 2-Clause and MIT licenses, removing some language that is no longer necessary.