Raven is an extremely sophisticated cyber threat map that offers a high degree of both simplicity and flexibility. With an intuitive and highly responsive design, even individuals who lack technical expertise will find Raven easy to navigate and understand.

Raven's interactive map utilizes D3.js with TOPO JSON, providing users with an exceptionally dynamic and stimulating user experience. This highly comprehensive map includes information on 247 countries and nearly 100,000 cities worldwide, making it an indispensable resource for anyone hoping to gain a deeper understanding of cyber threats across the globe.

One of the most valuable aspects of Raven is its ability to function in an isolated environment, without the need for external lookups. This makes it an extremely useful tool for individuals who must work offline or in secure environments, such as government agencies or large corporations. Raven is, without question, an essential tool for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats, whether for personal or professional reasons.

In summary, Raven is a powerful and multifaceted tool that offers users a wealth of information on cyber threats from around the world. With its intuitive design, dynamic user experience, and ability to function in isolated environments, Raven is a must-have resource for anyone interested in cybersecurity.


  • Uses D3.js (Not Anime.js)
  • Plot by gussing feature (Mix name, ip or coordinates)
  • Active threat map (Live and replay)
  • IP, country, city, and port info for each attack
  • Attacks stats for countries (Only known attacks)
  • Responsive interface (Move, drag, zoom in and out)
  • Customize options for countries and cites
  • 247 countries are listed on the interface (Not 174)
  • Optimized worldmap for faster rendering
  • Includes IP lookup, port information
  • Random simulation (IP, country, city)
  • Can be used online or offline (Static)
  • Theme picker module
  • Handles large number of attacks


  • Wikipedia
  • naturalearthdata
  • d3.js
  • topojson
  • jquery
  • font-awesome
  • OSINT package
  • iana


  • AGPL-3.0 license


GitHub - qeeqbox/raven: Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, customizable, responsive and optimized)
Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, customizable, responsive and optimized) - GitHub - qeeqbox/raven: Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, customizable, responsive and optimized)