Reactide is an Open-source RAD React IDE

ReactIDE: an Open-source React IDE for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Reactide is an Open-source RAD React IDE

Reactide is a cross-platform desktop application that offers a simulator, made for live reloading and quick React component prototyping.  

The IDE is built to aid developers produce rapid React-based application as it streamlines the development, offers components visualization, simple configuration, and comes with a built-in development server reactide-server.

React brings an integrated suite of development tools to streamline react development. The days of flipping between browser, IDE, and server are over.


  1. Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  2. Customizable developer-friendly interface
  3. Folder and file directory tree browser
  4. Component tree browser
  5. Syntax highlighting
  6. Minimal
  7. Comes with its own build tools
  8. Offers a hot module out of the box
  9. Built-in browser simulator

and many more.


The project is released under the MIT License.