ReacType: Open-source tool to Prototype your React project

What is ReacType?

ReacType is a prototyping tool that allows users to visualize their application architecture dynamically, employing a drag-and-drop canvas display and an interactive, real-time component code preview.

ReacType boost your productivity not just in creating React projects, as it also allows creating Gatsby and Next.js projects.

It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is written with


  1. It comes with multiple user support
  2. Easily add components and create your custom components
  3. Live code preview support
  4. Export production-ready React code
  5. Export NextJS projects
  6. Supports creation of React Router
  7. It comes with a state-of-art State of management
  8. Export Test Suites
  9. Integrated CSS Editor with Live Demo
  10. Compatibility With Next.js and Gatsby.js
  11. Interactive Dashboard
  12. D3 Visualization
  13. Supports dark mode
  14. Platform-specific keyboard shortcuts


ReacType is released under the MIT License.


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