Rekit: Create and Manage React App With a Modern IDE

Rekit: Create and Manage React App With a Modern IDE

Rekit is a toolkit for building scalable web applications with React, Redux and React-router. It helps you focus on business logic rather than dealing with massive libraries, patterns, configurations etc.

Rekit creates apps bootstrapped by create-react-app and uses an opinionated way to organize folder and code. It's designed to be scalable, testable and maintainable by using feature oriented architecture, one action per file pattern. This ensures application logic is well grouped and decoupled.

Rekit consists of three pieces:

  • Rekit App Download the latest desktop App for Mac. Windows version is coming...
  • Rekit Studio: A complete web IDE for React, Redux, and React Router development
  • Rekit CLI: A command line tool to create and manage projects, components, actions, etc.


It's production-ready but not a starter kit.

  • Zero additional configuration needed after creating an app.
  • Dedicated IDE for Rekit development.
  • Command line tools to manage actions, reducers, components and pages.
  • Bootstrapped by create-react-app, all your knowledge about it still works.
  • Use Webpack 3 for bundling.
  • Use Babel for ES2015(ES6)+ support.
  • Use React hot loader for hot module replacement.
  • Use Redux for application state management.
  • Use React-router for routing, and it's configured with Redux reducer.
  • Use Webpack dll plugin to improve dev-time build performance.
  • Use Less or Sass as CSS transpilers.
  • Use jest, enzyme for testing.
  • Support Redux dev tools.


Rekit is an open-source released under the MIT License.


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