Relp is an Open-source Self-hosted Slack Messenger Alternative

Relp - a web messenger. Enjoy free text chat, voice call, file sharing.

Relp is an Open-source Self-hosted Slack Messenger Alternative

Relp is a free and open-source web-based messenger that anyone can self-host in his own server.  The project is written by Abishek PY; a future computer engineer and a passionate open-source developer.

The project is released under the MIT license as an open-source project for commercial and personal use.

It is an ideal solution for small companies, teams or community groups.

It features end-to-end encryption for messaging, push notification, offline sync mode, and voice calls.

Under the hood, the projects uses React framework, Firebase and Node.js technologies.


  1. Responsive design that works seamlessly with mobile and tablets screens.
  2. Compatible with all modern browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave, Opera and Microsoft Edge.
  3. Supports offline mode messages sync
  4. User online status
  5. File sharing and seamless file transfer
  6. Supports Markdown for messages
  7. Voice call support
  8. Comes with a built-in dark and light mode
  9. Push notifications
  10. Social login: Google, GitHub, and Facebook login
  11. Login as a Guest mode
  12. Same network mode: Seamless mobile transfer between your devices
  13. Comes with a strong search with full-text search under the hood for all messages
  14. All Markdown context as links, images, text decorations tasks (to-do lists) and more.
  15. Desktop app for Windows


The project is released under the MIT License.


  1. Website and Demo
  2. Source code (GitHub)

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