RemoteClinic is an Open source Software solutions for clinic management, It focuses on improvement of the clinical flow for patient and provide more process control for other processes in the clinics. It may seem old fashioned as it's PHP/ MySQL  based solution as many other open source EMR/ and clinical related solution in the same domain, but it comes with different approach to manage the workflow and more modem and mobile ready user interface.

RemoteClinic comes with more real-time and reactive features as notifications which includes smart alerting and warning as " Inventory Warnings ", and easy to read graphs and charts.

Developers note :

Remote Clinic is built on top  of PHP and uses MySQL as database backend, It's fairly easy to install following the instructions, It's also lightweight ( about 700kb )  with simple data structure comparing to      the complexity of other solutions in the same domain as well as framework  generated solutions. To install it on the local machine you will need a  local PHP/ MySQL development server, regarding to your operating system :   WAMP for windows, MAMP or XAMPP for MacOSX and XAMPP for Linux ( will      provide links for all in the references section at the end of the post). The design is simple and responsive works great from iPhone 7 plus      browser.

Installation Test drive

I have installed Remote Clinic on Mac OSX using MAMP, which takes less than 2 mins, logged in smoothly with the provided username/ password. The system is working fast, there are some demo data for users, clinics, and medications. Adding new users was quite smooth so as adding new clinic, medication. The graphs are smoothly rendered. The user interface is simple, usable and easy to find the items so as the dashboard.

Key features:

  • Dashboard to rule them all. The dashboard here is a killer feature, the developer design it to provide complete monitoring and  control of    the system.
  • Users levels and permissions : Doctors, Nurses, Staff nurses, Managers, ( but defining a new type/  level/  permissions for users is not available yet)
  • Multiple clinics
  • fast secure remote access.
  • Logging activity
  • Activity reporting
  • Medication/ Stocks follow-up
  • Easy smooth patients      registration and profiling
  • Search : for patients, doctors, staff.

Missing features

  • The systems are missing many  elements and features required as default for clinics as appointments.
  • No modules and no extensions'  system yet.
  • Reporting, thought there are some reporting tools but complete reporting tool is required
  • Developer documentation is  still missing.

What is needed to push RemoteClinic to the next stage?

  • Provide the necessary missing  tools for clinics.
  • Provide easy developers tools  and documentations
  • Provide notification and  activity/ logging feed as core feature required to handle multiple  clinics with integration to push notification services.
  • Provide more flexible workflow to suite different clinical settings.

Project status :  Unknown

Though the system is currently not being updated for 2 years, and there is no visible roadmap, but let's hope it'll regain its activity soon and finish the missing elements to be usable by the end users and the open-source community.


  • RemoteClinic is released as  an Open-source Free software under GPLv2.0