RemoteFiles is an open source SFTP client for Android and iOS with a beautiful design. It was developed with Flutter in the Dart Programming Language.


File Management Features

  • Down- and upload files
  • Delete files/folders
  • Rename files/folders
  • Copy and move files and folders to other locations on the server
  • Share files
  • Open files without permanently saving them on your device
  • Create folders
  • Search for files in the current directory
  • Get information like size, permissions, and modification date

Connection Features

  • Securely save your connections
  • Connect to a server quickly with the Quick Connect feature
  • Give your connections a name, so you can better organize them
  • Use the favorites page to see your favorite connections or see your history of added connections on the recently added page
  • Edit and delete existing connections


  • Choose between light, dark and black theme
  • Use list, detailed or grid view to view your files
  • Set how your files will be sorted
  • Choose whether to show dotfiles
  • Set location for downloaded files
  • Set shell commands for copying/moving files and folders



  • GPL-3.0 license