Remotely: Free, Open-source scriptable Remote Control solution

Remotely is a free, open-source solution web-based remote control tool that helps you to register and control dozens of devices.

Remotely is built on top of ASP.NET and can be deployed on Windows IIS, Nginx (Ubuntu), or Caddy Server.

Remotely offers many instant support clients and agents for many platforms like Windows (64-bit), Windows (32-bit), Ubuntu 64-bit. It also offers residents agents for Windows and Linux.

The software package aims to help technical support be more productive in their work. However, developers and teams can make a use of it to collaborate in mentoring, problem-solving, code reviewing and development efforts.

The solution is created by Jared Goodwin a .NET developer, who created several open-source projects.


  1. One panel connection to any device
  2. Support adding many devices
  3. filter and search devices by name, type, and ID
  5. Server logs
  6. Multiple user accounts
  7. Admin accounts
  8. Organization manager
  9. Branding options
  10. Scripting IDE
  11. Embedded terminal
  12. Quick scripts panel
  13. Scripts library
  14. Schedule scripts
  15. Script alert options
  16. Custom environment variables per script
  17. Invite others to device
  18. enable video, clipboard, file transfer.
  19. Supports external monitor
  20. Full-screen mode
  21. Record session and download recorded sessions
  22. View only mode


Remotely uses GPL-3.0 License.


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