Rento: Is an Open-source Knowledge Base

Raneto is an open-source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase.

Rento: Is an Open-source Knowledge Base

Rento is a lightweight, free, open-source Wiki for Node.js, powered by Markdown. It's an ideal solution for freelancers, creative minds, and agencies to build documentation or knowledge bases. Additionally, Rento is also a static site generator that only requires Markdown files.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Uses only .md files
  • Easy templating using Mustache
  • Responsive default template
  • Full-text Search using Lunr
  • One-fill configuration
  • Easy to upgrade with one command
  • Supports categories
  • SEO page meta
  • Simply sort pages by adding sort: NO to your page meta


  • MIT license


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