Replibyte: Seed your Development Database with Real Data ⚡️

Replibyte: Seed your Development Database with Real Data ⚡️

Replibyte is an exceptional tool that enables you to seed large databases with your production data in a lightning-fast manner, without compromising the safety of sensitive data.

With Replibyte, you can quickly and easily replicate your entire database, ensuring that you have accurate and up-to-date information at all times. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, Replibyte has the power and flexibility to meet your needs.

By using Replibyte, you can streamline your database management processes, and free up valuable time and resources for other important tasks.

Additionally, Replibyte is user-friendly, easy to install, and requires minimal configuration, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to simplify their database seeding process. With its fast and reliable performance, Replibyte is sure to become an essential tool for any serious database administrator.


  • Support data dump and restore for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB
  • Analyze your data schema 🔎
  • Replace sensitive data with fake data
  • Works on large database (> 10GB)
  • Database Subsetting: Scale down a production database to a more reasonable size 🔥
  • Start a local database with the production data in a single command 🔥
  • On-the-fly data (de)compression (Zlib)
  • On-the-fly data de/encryption (AES-256)
  • Fully stateless (no server, no daemon) and lightweight binary 🍃
  • Use custom transformers


  • MacOSX / Linux / Windows
  • Nothing more! Replibyte is stateless and does not require anything special.


GPL-3.0 License


GitHub - Qovery/Replibyte: Seed your development database with real data ⚡️
Seed your development database with real data ⚡️. Contribute to Qovery/Replibyte development by creating an account on GitHub.
Introduction | Replibyte
Replibyte is a tool to seed your development database with your production data while keeping sensitive data safe
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Hazem Abbas

Written by Hazem Abbas

Medical Doctor by trade, but also a software developer. Linux Avid user. I write primary; open-source medical apps, dev tools and libraries I use, and off-topic like horse riding.
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