Restyaboard: Open-source self-hosted project management system for teams

If you are an avid user of Trello, then likely, you searched for an open-source alternative. Trello is a feature-rich web-based project management system for teams.

Although it is free to use, it is not open-source or even self-hosted.

Here, we offer you an alternative, that matches almost all Trello features and more, Restyaboard.

What is Restyaboard?

Restyaboard is a free, open-source Kanban-style project management system for teams.

It comes with dozens of features and a rich list of integrated services.

Beyond its features, it is easy to install and migrate from Trello and Wekan (another open-source Kanban-style project management system).

Restyaboard Features

  1. Developer-friendly API
  2. Multiple templates
  3. Multiple projects support
  4. summary graphs
  5. Multi-user support
  6. multi-teams support
  7. Keyboard shortcuts
  8. tasks tracker
  9. Telegram alike options
  10. Cards management
  11. Columns and cards
  12. Card attachments
  13. Card votes
  14. Card tasks preview
  15. Grid view
  16. List view
  17. Card start date, due date
  18. card checklist
  19. card eta
  20. spent time
  21. card archive
  22. card copy/ duplicate
  23. card comments
  24. card tracker
  25. Filter cards
  26. Labels
  27. iCal feed
  28. Card background
  29. Board management
  30. Show attachment of all boards
  31. Close board
  32. Calendar view
  33. Board member management
  34. Week tracker
  35. Organization management
  36. Fav or bookmark aboard
  37. Drag-and-drop interface
  38. Integrated with many apps and services through Zapier automation service
  39. Sync with Google calendar
  40. Board auto-subscribe
  41. Archive list
  42. Delete list
  43. Built-in notification
  44. Card overdue notification
  45. Emojis support
  46. Dockmodal Format
  47. Built-in Markdown support
  48. Special checklist features
  49. Voting and un-voting option
  50. Profile page
  51. Import LDAP users
  52. Multilingual support
  53. ACL and role management system
  54. Import from GitHub
  55. Customizable theming and styling
  56. Google hangout chatbot
  57. Multiple LDAP App
  58. SAML / Shibboleth app
  59. Attachment download with one click
  60. Export CSV app
  61. Mobile apps

Technical note

Restyaboard can be installed locally or remotely on a hosting service like DigitalOcean.

Developers and DevOps can install it as well using Docker and Docker Compose.


Restyaboard is released as an open-source project under OSL-3.0 (Open Software) License.



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