Rintagi: a low-code platform for enterprise

Rintagi: a low-code platform for enterprise

Most enterprise software applications today are hand-crafted and hand-coded. This process is slow, expensive and can result in inconsistencies. Moreover, it is a considerable challenge to keep up with ever-changing technologies.

What is Rintagi?

Rintagi is an open-source low-code application platform with limitless extension.Rintagi Developed and maintained by Robocoder Corporation. The platform is Written in c#, JavaScript, TSQL, SCSS, CSS.


  1. Future Proof Platform
  2. Device Independent
  3. Built-In Security
  4. High Productivity
  5. High Control
  6. Change At Any Time
  7. Massive Scalability
  8. Real-time Data
  9. Intuitive and Responsive
  10. Customize Limitlessly
  11. Open-source
  12. Integrate Seamlessly
  13. Late-change-no-penalty
  14. Change-on-the-fly


Rintagi released under the terms of Rintagi Community Version Software License.


  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux


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