Rubo Medical Imaging is a DICOM Viewer for Windows for Radiologists and Healthcare Professionals

Rubo Medical Imaging is a DICOM Viewer for Windows for Radiologists and Healthcare Professionals

Rubo Medical Imaging BV is a leading company that concentrates its efforts on the development of software based on the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards. This specialization allows them to provide a diverse range of tools that cater to different needs in the medical imaging field.

One of their major offerings is the DICOM Viewer, a robust and versatile tool that is able to process and display all kinds of DICOM files, regardless of the modality, compression type, bit depth, or color scheme employed. This means that it can handle everything from simple grayscale X-rays to complex, multi-frame color MRI scans.

In addition, the DICOM Viewer is equipped with a myriad of advanced features that enhance its utility. These include DICOM query and retrieve functionality, which facilitates the seamless integration of the viewer into existing PACS networks, and DICOM push/send capabilities, which enable users to easily share images with their peers.

The application also includes a DICOM DVD burner for archiving images, an anonymization feature for patient privacy protection, an IVUS long-viewer for viewing intravascular ultrasound images, and a utility for converting images into different formats.

Every feature is designed to simplify and enhance the user experience, making Rubo Medical Imaging BV's DICOM Viewer an indispensable tool for any healthcare professional dealing with medical images.

Included Packages

  • DICOM Viewer
  • IVUS longitudinal viewer
  • Waveform viewer
  • DICOM CD/DVD burner
  • DICOM Anonymizer
  • DICOM Parser
  • DICOM Communication tool


  • Supports DICOM 3.0
  • Supports all modalities
  • Supports the following image data compressions:
    • Lossy jpeg compression 8,12,16 bits
    • Lossless jpeg compression 8,12,16 up to 32 bits
    • jpeg 2000
    • jpeg LS, lossless, lossy
    • RLE, run length encoding 8,16 bits
    • Uncompressed
    • Deflated syntax
    • Raw data (non-DICOM)
  • Supports DICOM communications protocol:
    • DICOM SCP, receive mode. Receive DICOM material from colleagues
    • DICOM push / send. Send DICOM material to PACS or colleagues
    • DICOM query and retrieve. Query and retrieve PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)
    • Secure TLS encrypted DICOM communication. (Open source license)
  • Display overview of all DICOM image or waveform files from:
    • PACS
    • CD or DVD, from any manufacturer, DICOM or non-DICOM, with or without DICOMDIR
    • Network drive
    • Local hard drive
    • USB sticks
    • All other media accessible via Windows
  • Fast scan option, quickly searching DICOM files in huge folders or databases
  • Display overview patient or study ID based
  • Sort overview display by patients, studies or series
  • DICOM Waveform viewer, including fractional flow reserve (FFR) and instant wave-free ratio measurement tools
  • IVUS longitudinal viewer
  • Burn DICOM CD/DVDs, including a basic DICOM CD/DVD viewer
  • Anonymize DICOM data, burning anonymous CD/DVDs, send/push data anonymously, store data anonymously
  • Integration with DICOM or non-DICOM databases.
  • Integrate with existing archival- or analysis software or use as stand-alone DICOM viewer
  • Handles large cardiac runs (1000+ images), IVUS files (5000+ images), etc.
  • Multi-patient functionality
  • Supports non-western characters, f.e. Chinese, Korean, Japanese
  • Single and multi-monitor support in Windows
  • Parallel viewing of DICOM runs and/or single DICOM images due to opening image data in individual windows
  • Stack viewing
  • Export images to clipboard
  • Save images as bitmap (BMP), tiff, jpeg, jpeg2000, raw or DICOM
  • Save runs as DICOM, AVI, Windows Media Format (WMV) or animated GIF
  • Cutting of scenes for optimal timing and database cleanup
  • Supports biplane display of angiograms
  • Available tools in the image window:
    • Panning
    • Zoom, bicubic zoom
    • Magnify glass
    • Cropping
    • Brightness and contrast
    • Measuring of multiple distances
    • Area measurement
    • Angle measurement, 3 point
    • Multiple angles measurements, angle between lines, Cobb angle
    • Image enhancement / sharpening tool
    • Anonymization blocks
    • Pie Medical Analysis image selection interface
    • Automatic brightness and contrast tool (stretching)
    • Histogram display
    • Invert image colors
    • Apply different color palettes to grayscale images (hot metal blue, PET, hot iron, rainbow)
    • Flip single image horizontally or vertically
    • Rotate single image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees
    • Distance measurement calibration tool
    • DICOM overlay data display
    • DICOM curve data display
    • DICOM region of interest (ROI) display
  • Print overview or individual images
  • Screen-fit to display large images (f.e. thorax)
  • Mouse controlled, no keyboard needed
  • Automatic update-check


  • Not free
  • Expensive when it comes to license and usage



  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


Free and Licensed for professional use

The DICOM Viewer package and DICOM Anonymizer are protected with a software license or hardware license.

Types of licenses

A software license is activated on-line with an Activation Key. The license is linked to the hardware signature of your computer. A single license allows the software to run on a single computer only, a network/floating license allows multiple users to run the software. The Activation Key is sent via email.

A hardware license is a programmed USB key with must be plugged in to a computer to run the software. The hardware license is also available as single- or network/floating license.

  • Single License
  • Hardware License
  • Network and Floating License
  • Upgrade License


  • 30 DAYS upgrade: € 39
  • 90 DAYS upgrade: € 79
  • 365 DAYS upgrade: €159
  • UNLIMITED DAYS upgrade: €319
  • UNLIMITED to USB upgrade: +€149 (includes shipping)

DICOM Viewer single hardware license:

  • USB hardware key: €449

DICOM Anonymizer license upgrade:

  • UNLIMITED DAYS upgrade: €39

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