Why enterprise and medium-size companies should consider using Sandstorm

Sandstorm is an open source project built by a community of volunteers with the goal of making it really easy to run open source web applications.

It offers more than 80 apps of useful apps in several categories as project management, task management, communication, collaborative writing,  

Why you should consider Sandstorm?

Sandstorm sandboxes all of the included apps with offers a strong protection layer against bugs, security threats, and hackers.

A Sandstorm app cannot talk to the rest of the world unless you give it permission. That means you can put sensitive secrets in any app and rest assured that your data is safe. It also means that apps cannot "phone home" to their developers in order to spy on you.


  1. It includes multiple apps with one setup
  2. Easy to setup, configure, and update
  3. It has a built-in Single Sign-on (SSO)
  4. Sandstorm has a growing ecosystem that includes dozens of enterprise applications
  5. Unified sharing access control
  6. Apps are connected within Sandstorm
  7. Apps are sandboxed and protected
  8. Sandstorm comes with a built-in Auditable access
  9. Automatic updates
  10. Built-in notification
  11. User can setup automated backups
  12. Tabbed user-interface
  13. User can mention other users in all apps
  14. Search: Search across all apps with one search bar
  15. Join and connect identities
  16. LDAP, SAML and Active Directory integration
  17. Global Access Control
  18. Global Audit Logging
  19. Automatic Encryption
  20. Developer-friendly: enterprise developers can easily add their custom application or any other open-source apps
  21. In-app Billing
  22. Enterprise integration

Sandstorm app market

Here are some of the outstanding applications in Sandstorm app market:

  1. Waken: an open-source Kanban board project management system
  2. Etherpad: a collaborative documentation editor
  3. Rocket.Chat: an open-source Slack alternative written with Meteor
  4. Davros: an open-source Dropbox self-hosted alternative
  5. FileDrop: a self-hosted file sharing system for teams
  6. SandForms: an open-source form creation app
  7. QuickSurvey: helps enterprise create an impressive survey in no time
  8. Contact Otter: an open-source personal CRM
  9. Dillinger: A Markdown editor
  10. NodeBB: a useful lightweight forum
  11. EtherDraw: a simple collaborative Whiteboard
  12. DokiWiki: a PHP-based wiki engine for teams
  13. Scrumble: yet another kanban board management system


Sandstorm is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.