Shaark: Keep your bookmarks and data in one place

As every daily internet user, you have resources all around, which include posts, links, comments, passwords, images, and more.

Some create a text file or a spreadsheet file to keep track of their data. Well, with Shaark, they do not need to do that.

What is Shaark?

Shaark is an open-source self-hosted solution to help users record, save and share their content with one platform.

It is built by Marceau a full-stack web developer from France. He uses Laravel the PHP framework, Node.js, and several open-source libraries to build Shaark.

Shaark Features

  1. Save your bookmarks with an automated health check for links
  2. A responsive user interface makes the system works seamlessly on small screens
  3. Tile-Card views
  4. Multi-user: Shaark supports many users as users can share or keep their content public, private, or in “only-me” mode.
  6. Stories and notes with full Markdown support
  7. Password Vaults/ Chest:
  8. Photos organized in photo albums
  9. Sharing extension
  10. Organize your content with tags
  11. Content stream to keep track of the new content
  12. Search with full-text support
  13. Keep your content private or some content private and hidden
  14. Media archiving
  15. Database encryption
  16. 2-FA; Two-factor authentication ensures an extra layer of security
  17. Theme customization
  18. Dark mode support
  19. Media archiving: Shaark archives the content as PDF files.
  20. Automatic backup
  21. Multilingual support with i18n
  22. Authentication monitoring
  23. Password Chest encryption using AES-256-CBC
  24. Extensive end-user guides, which helps user to install, followup with archiving process, backup, how comments work, and system internals

Supported languages

Shark currently supports English, German, French, Japanese, and more. Anyone can translate it to any other language.


Shaark is released under MIT license.


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