Shaarli is a free open-source, self-hosted Bookmarking solution

If you are an active internet users, or on a self-education path, surly you collect dozens of links and web pages every day. You most likely need a software to collect, record, organize your links. So, here we introduce you to Shaarli.

What is Shaarli?

Sharrli is a free, web-based personal, minimalist, database free, bookmarking service, that allows users to store and organize their links' library.

Sharrli Features

  1. Responsive user-interface
  2. It comes with a built-in rich search functionality
  3. Search links, tags, fields, custom fields, and use Wildcard tag search
  4. Easily add links
  5. Organize links with tags
  6. QR code support to help navigate to the links quickly from mobile
  7. Extract links/ web pages headers
  8. Picture wall, allows you to browse links by images
  9. Review the images by day.
  10. Easy install Sharrli either from source or using Docker
  11. It has a useful tag cloud that shows and focuses on the most used tags
  12. It provides a rich RSS feeds with media rich XML for photos
  13. Import/ Export for all links, public, or private links
  14. Minimal hardware requirement
  15. It comes with a rich web API (REST-API)
  16. Multiple languages support
  17. The system admin is notified with any new release
  18. Developer-friendly API for building plugins
  19. Developers can build their own plugins to extend Sharrli functionalities
  20. A rich useful official plugins set
  21. Theming: build and change Sharrli themes easily
  22. LDAP integration support
  23. Support public and private linking
  24. RSS direct links enabled
  25. Hide public links from non-logged users
  26. Easy to back up your data


Shaarli is Free Software. See COPYING for a detail of the contributors and licenses for each individual component.


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