ShareX: an outstanding Open-source Screen capture and uploader for Windows

ShareX: open-source image and video capture tool for Windows machines with customizable productive workflow.

ShareX: an outstanding Open-source Screen capture and uploader for Windows

ShareX is a free open-source tool for Windows desktops that allows you to share, capture, upload, and share your desktop screenshots in secs.

It comes packed with several tools and features. The most important feature as we see is a customizable workflow as you can set your own after capture tasks and after upload tasks.

Beyond that, ShareX supports multiple monitors

ShareX offers different capture modes which are useful for bloggers, content creators, and gamers.

ShareX in action (src. ShareX)

Capture modes

Here are ShareX capture methods:

  1. Fullscreen
  2. Active window
  3. Active monitor
  4. Region
  5. Area
  6. Custom region
  7. Custom Region setting (light, transparent, last)
  8. Screen recording (video)
  9. Screen recording (GIF)
  10. Scrolling capture
  11. Automatic capture
  12. Text capture (OCR)

The customized region can be a rectangle, an ellipse, or a freehand shape.

Annotation tools

ShareX allows you to annotate your captured images with a dozen of tools and elements like arrow, ellipse, freehand, line, text (outline, background), speech balloon, and more.

Upload and Share

With ShareX, you can define and customize pre- and post-upload tasks. In addition, you can upload a file, a complete folder, the image from the clipboard or upload the extracted text by the OCR utility.

Where to upload your Files?

1- Screenshots

Currently, ShareX uploads to the following platforms:

  1. Imgur
  2. Flickr
  3. Photobucket
  4. ImageShack
  5. Twitter
  6. Google Photos
  7. Chevereto

Furthermore, you can add a custom image uploader like a WordPress or Blogger platform.

2- Text Upload

Let's say you captured several texts like code snippets as an example, ShareX allows you to upload them to several code snippets websites as:

  1. Pastebin
  2. Paste2
  3. Slexy
  5. GitHub Gist
  6. Teknik
  7. uPaste
  8. Hastebin
  9. OneTimeSecret Pastie

3- File Uploader

If you want to upload files, do not worry, ShareX got you covered as you can download to dozens of services even your private self-hosted clouds like Nextcloud and ownCloud.

Here is what ShareX currently supports:

  1. Dropbox
  2. FTP
  3. OneDrive
  4. Google Drive
  5. Amazon S3
  6. Google Cloud Storage
  7. VideoBin
  8. SendSpace
  9. Hostr
  10. JIRA
  11. YouTube
  12. Email

Automatic URL shorteners

After you upload the file to a specific web platform, ShareX can automatically shorten your URL with the help of several services like,,,,, and more.


ShareX is written in C# and currently only works with Windows desktops.


ShareX is released under GPL-3.0 License.


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