ShelterOps: Free Animal and Wildlife Data Management Software

ShelterOps: Free Animal and Wildlife Data Management Software
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ShelterOps is a PHP-based software program designed for animal welfare organizations to manage animal operations. It offers features such as animal intake tracking, medical procedures' management, Point of Sale system, and integration with PetFinder and Adopt A Pet.

The software can be customized with optional modules for traps, tags, incidents management, and more. It can be deployed on a web server or local WAMP server and supports multiple locations.


  • Enable/Disable modules as needed for your application (animals, wildlife, traps, tags & licenses, lost/found, photos, medical, asilomar, etc)
  • Can be quickly deployed as a data respository for animal or wildlife disaster emergency responses.
  • Staff in the field or at multiple locations can update data anywhere/anytime.
  • The ability to define either single or multiple locations allows organizations to statistically track acivities per location/organization/division/precinct/etc.
  • Client Management - Integrates with all modules to track and display activity in Status bar
  • User Management - Permissions settings to allow (or limit) what users can do
  • PIN issuance for data entry – added level of security for unattended workstations or devices
  • Can limit products and product categories to specific locations or all locations
  • Products - with inventory management
  • Track donations, adoption fees, sell event tickets, licenses, merchandise, etc
  • Alert notification on Animal Status bar if a donation is made towards an adoption fee
  • Manage transactions and invoices - Process financial transactions using POS screen
  • Accounting code integration - Daily reconciliation reports per location
  • Optional Modules:
  • Animals - Track Intake, Assessment, Medical, Holds, Foster, and Disposition data
  • Display a web page listing of all available animals
  • Lost and Found - integrates with Animals module to display possible matches
  • Traps - Track loans, deposits, forfeitures
  • Tags and License Sales - sell ID tags and licenses with multiple configurations
  • Incident/Case Management - tracks initial record, status updates, people involved
  • Wildlife - Track Intake, Medical and Disposition data
  • Photos - Integrates with Animals module



  • GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)


Download ShelterOps for free. ShelterOps - Animal and Wildlife data management software. ShelterOps is a PHP based software program to manage animal operations for animal welfare organizations, animal rescues, wildlife rescue/rehabilitation facilities, animal control agencies (ACOs) and any other en…
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