SiteInspector: An Open-source app to improve your SEO

SiteInspector is an outstanding free self-hosted web-based SEO tool that keeps you in track of all problems in your websites.

It comes with a simple, user-friendly interface, that allows a user or multiple users to add any number of websites and check them continuously for errors.

The first thing that we like about SiteInspector is: that it takes less than a few minutes to install or upgrade to a new version.

With SiteInspector, website admins can audit multiple websites and check for broken links, grammatical errors and spelling errors for all the pages and internal links.

You can specify the check rules, pattern, and search for specific pages or select the entire website. The results will be in an easy-to-read report.

The free, open-source community edition is enough to achieve great results. However, if you need to search or check for hidden pages, page snapshots, or do a complete check, you need to check the paid pro and the enterprise editions.


  1. Multiple websites
  2. Multiple users
  3. Docker-ready setup
  4. Check and audit rules
  5. Reporting
  6. Broken links check
  7. Spelling errors check
  8. Grammatical errors check
  9. Deploys on Heroku

Install SiteInspector

To install SiteInspector using Docker, all you need to do is run this command

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

If you prefer using Heroku for deployment, you can easily deploy it simply through this link.

Developer's note

The system is built with Ruby programming language using Ruby on Rails framework, and Vue framework.


The community edition is released as an open-source solution under AGPL-3.0 License.


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