Skyve: Cross-platform open-source low-code platform

What is Skyve?

Skyve is an open-source Low-code tool that let you build and deploy application easily. Skyve perfectly for developers and Software providers to build and provide SaaS and Cloud-based products. It focused on the capability (rather than functionality).

Who use Skyve?

  1. Developers
  2. Software providers
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Prototype developers
  5. Organizations
  6. anyone who used to build powerful enterprise SaaS solutions

Key features

  1. It helps developers to build high-quality applications without requiring detailed knowledge of every technology
  2. rapid development
  3. less to manage
  4. Skyve easier change scope identification and lower technical risk
  5. It has rapid access to sophisticated capabilities
  6. It gives you access to all the key capabilities need to build robust and scalable cloud solutions.
  7. Rich UI
  8. security
  9. navigation
  10. reporting
  11. mobile integration
  12. Provides sophisticated validation
  13. Offers high-level API
  14. supported anything used Hibernate
  15. Open source
  16. Skyve gives you the customized software solution
  17. Skyve has a full tutorial and User Guide


Skyve is released under LGPL-2.1License.


  • Self-hosted
  • macOS, Windows, Linux




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