What is Slick ?  

Slack bot is a chat robot that used to helping slack users in any question about using slack. It allows user to send a directed message and receive an answer, and it enables user to set reminders for important date.

Slick is an open source slack bot, its enable users to do chat ops. Slick, written in Go language.

Slick offers many features, it is more than chatbot


  1. Plugin interface for chat messages
  2. Plugin based HTTP handlers
  3. It has a simple API
  4. It keeps an internal state of channels, users and their state.
  5. Listen for reaction
  6. Easy plugin interface
  7. Support listening for any slack events (channel created, channel joined, emoji changed, file shared, group archived, and more.
  8. Pub sub system to facilitate inter plugins
  9. It supports chat to web communications.
  10. Fully free and open source
  11. Built in KV store for data persistence
  12. The bot has a mood which changes randomly


Slick written in Go language.