Stock Center is a Self-hosted Personal Stock Portfolio Tracking Tool

Stock Center is a Self-hosted Personal Stock Portfolio Tracking Tool
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Stock Center is a personal stock portfolio tracking tool focused on dividend investing. It started as a single file script and is being re-structured into a more proper application.

With Stock Center, you can enjoy a seamless and efficient stock tracking experience, empowering you to make informed investment decisions and maximize your dividend income.

Key Features

  • Dividend income tracking: Monitor and keep a record of your dividend income to effectively track your investment returns.
  • Portfolio overview: Get a comprehensive overview of your entire stock portfolio, including important details such as the current value, performance, and allocation of your investments.
  • Charting: Visualize your stock performance and fluctuations over time through interactive charts, making it easier to analyze trends and make informed investment decisions.
  • What-If? Scenarios: Simulate different investment scenarios to assess the potential impact on your portfolio and make informed decisions based on various market conditions.
  • Multiuser: Share your portfolio with other users and collaborate on investment strategies, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience.
  • User data backup and restore: Safeguard your valuable investment data by creating backups and easily restore your portfolio in case of any unforeseen events or data loss.



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Stock Center
Download Stock Center for free. A personal stock portfolio tracking tool. Stock center is a tool I am working on for tracking investments. It’s centered around dividend investing, tracking your purchases and dividend income.

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