Stroll Is an Outstanding Roam-alike Note-Taking System

Stroll Is an Outstanding Roam-alike Note-Taking System

What is Roam note-taking?

Roam note-taking aids busy minds to create, and connect their created notes, which allows them later easy browsing and organization of dozens of notes.

It is a handy tool that aids researchers collect, organize and browse their research productively.

In this post, we introduce a Stroll, which is an open-source Roam alternative, that is easy to use and extend.

What is Stroll?

Stroll is a simple yet feature-rich note-taking system based on TiddlyWiki, the popular open-source one-file wiki system.

In addition to its built-in TiddlyWiki features, like search, tagging, import and export options, Stroll allows the user to auto-connect notes by bidirectional links, and edit multiple notes at once.

It can be used as any TiddlyWiki, either using TiddlyWiki desktop app, or the browser extension to save, and record your notes.


  • bidirectional links,
  • autocomplete suggestions for linking,
  • renaming of links upon changing tiddler titles,
  • Two-column side-by-side editing of multiple notes.
  • Adjust sidebar
  • Export all of your notes
  • Use TiddlyWiki plugins and themes
  • Add any language packages from the TiddlyWiki repo.
  • Built-in TiddlyWiki Journal


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