SumIt! Text Summarization For Android

SumIt! Text Summarization For Android
Photo by Jacques LE HENAFF / Unsplash

SumIt! is an automatic text summarizer that can be an excellent tool for individuals who need to quickly review large amounts of information. This app is perfect for anyone who dislikes reading long news articles, research documents, or any other extensive piece of text. With SumIt!, you can summarize all that information in fewer sentences, depending on the size of the text.

How Does it work?

The app uses a relatively simple but effective algorithm to achieve this task. It pulls out key sentences and phrases from the text to create a bullet-list style summary. It is important to note that SumIt! uses the extractive summarization technique to create a concise, coherent, and fluent summary of the original document while preserving its essential points.

Extractive summarization confidently selects a subset of sentences from the original text to create the summary. This technique is particularly useful for longer texts, as it helps reduce the amount of information without sacrificing the essential points. In essence, SumIt! and automatic summarization work hand in hand to make data analysis and understanding more efficient and effective.

Text summarizing apps like SumIt! use automatic summarization algorithms to extract the most essential information from a larger text or dataset, creating a short summary that is easier to understand and analyze. These apps can be useful for students, researchers, and professionals who need to quickly review large amounts of information.

Overall, SumIt! is a valuable tool for anyone looking to save time while reading lengthy texts. With its simple and effective algorithm, it can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to read and understand complex documents.