Tasks.org is a free open-source to-do list manager, and reminder for android devices. It comes with a straightforward interface for almost any sort of users, and include a dozen of useful productivity booster features.

The app works completely offline, but it can sync to Google Tasks, CalDAV, and EteSync.

The app comes without any advertisements of any sort, or ads, Opt-out, or any third-party tracking tools.

By default, Task.org supports nested subtasks, end-to-end encryption, task list sharing, and custom reminders.

Tasks.org highlights

  • Nested subtasks with unlimited depth
  • Powerful repeating task options
  • End-to-end encryption with EteSync
  • List sharing available when synchronized with CalDAV or EteSync
  • Location-based arrival and departure notifications
  • Tag, filter, and search your tasks
  • Drag and drop manual sorting for Google Tasks
  • Customize your lists with different icons and colors
  • Hide tasks until a later date
  • Automatically add tasks to your calendar
  • Create new tasks and list reminders with Tasker
  • It is compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Reminders
  • Customizable and multilingual Extensive options for customizing the look and feel of Tasks. Use Tasks in your language
  • You can self-host your server edition
  • Supports dark theme, and user custom them




Tasks.org is a free software that is released under the GNU GPL-3.0 License.