What is Taskwarrior?

Taskwarrior is an open-source, free to-do/ task lists manager that works from command-line as a terminal application.

Taskwarrior first release was on 3 June 2008, by Paul Beckingham, as it gained popularity over time, it gets an active open-source developer community that keeps it up to date.

Despite it comes in a command-line form, it is pretty easy to learn and use in daily task tracking and management.


  1. Straightforward commands
  2. Simple workflow
  3. Tag your tasks
  4. Set tasks priority
  5. Filter your tasks
  6. Built-in full text search
  7. Supports date and time
  8. Supports duration
  9. Easy configuration through one file .task.rc
  10. Supports color themes
  11. Reporting
  12. Export/ import tasks in JSON format
  13. Allows external scripts
  14. Recurrent tasks
  15. Hooks API
  16. Developer-friendly API
  17. Supports 3rd party applications
  18. Unicode support
  19. Dozens of useful tools written in varies programming languages

How does it look like?

Add a new Task

$ task add Code review due:monday

List tasks

$ task list

Add tags to a task

$ task ID modify +problem +house

Assign a task to their project

$ task add project:Kitchen Measure counter-top

How does it work?

Here is a sample of how does it work

1- Adding a new task

$ task add Submit the staging release


1- Linux

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. Fedora
  4. openSUSE
  5. Arch Linux
  6. Slackware
  7. Gentoo
  8. FreeBSD
  9. OpenBSD

2- macOS

Install Taskwarrior on macOS

Homebrew: brew install task
Homebrew: brew install taskd
Homebrew: brew install tasksh
MacPorts: port install task

3- Windows

  1. Windows 10


  1. https://taskwarrior.org/
  2. https://github.com/GothenburgBitFactory/taskwarrior
  3. https://taskwarrior.org/tools/
  4. https://taskwarrior.org/docs/