Free Up Disk Space with Temp_Cleaner GUI: A Must-Have Tool for Every Home User

Temp_Cleaner GUI - free and open-source Program to free-up Windows Disk Space

Free Up Disk Space with Temp_Cleaner GUI: A Must-Have Tool for Every Home User

In this digital age, the majority of us are guilty of ignoring one crucial aspect of our computers - the accumulation of browser history, cookies, and cache.

These elements, often overlooked, occupy a significant portion of our disk space. Not only does their removal help regain precious storage space, but it can also give our PCs a much-needed speed boost. This is where the Temp_Cleaner GUI Project comes into play.

The Cleaner: the CCleaner Open-source Alternative

Temp_Cleaner GUI is a free, open-source utility designed to clean your Windows-based computers of junk and obsolete files. This straightforward application is a game-changer for home users who want to maintain their PCs in a hassle-free manner.

Simple Friendly Interface

The application boasts a single-window interface, packed with a vast list of options. All you need to do is select the areas where you want the application to clean out temporary files. It's as simple as that!

But what sets Temp_Cleaner GUI apart from other cleaning utilities, is its thoroughness. Besides focusing on browsers, the application also targets directories that are often overlooked during PC maintenance.

These include the Systemdrive Recycle Bin, Windir, Windows 10 Modern Application Cached data, Action Center, Notification Center Cached data, and the Icon Cache file in the Local app data folder, among others.

Clean What Other Apps Can NOT

Temp_Cleaner GUI stands out from other cleaning utilities due to its extensive cleaning options that aren't typically found in popular PC cleaners. This unique capacity allows it to provide a more thorough and comprehensive cleanup, delving into areas on your machine that other cleaners might overlook.

This kind of deep cleaning can help to optimize your device's performance, free up valuable disk space, and eliminate unnecessary files that could be slowing down your PC. It's this advanced level of cleaning that sets Temp_Cleaner GUI apart and demonstrates its superior capability in maintaining and enhancing the health of your computer system.

Best for Home Users

For home users, the benefits of using Temp_Cleaner GUI are manifold. With just a few clicks, you can free up disk space and enhance your computer's performance. This tool not only makes PC maintenance a breeze but also prolongs the lifespan of your machine by keeping it clutter-free and efficient.


  • It is free and open-source!
  • Designed for user convenience and easy usage.
  • Features an elegantly-designed user interface without complexities.
  • Supports limitless customizations!
  • Everything is meticulously organized because we value your time.
  • Securely cleans up Temp files, unlike other programs that may disrupt software.
  • Operates in native 64-bit mode!
  • It's simple to compile and utilizes Cross-platform APIs.
  • Compatible with older Windows versions.
  • Meets minimal accessibility needs (Powered by Minimal Accessibility Pack v1.0 by Insertx2k Dev (Mr.X)).
  • Arabic language supported, with potential for future multilingual expansions.
  • Supports both Dark and Light modes.
  • Stable and safe for everyday use.
  • Provides cleaning presets.
  • Includes an updater program (Introduced in v5.6-stable).


In conclusion, Temp_Cleaner GUI is a simplified, user-friendly solution that every home PC user should incorporate into their routine maintenance.

It's time to bid farewell to unnecessary storage-hogging elements and welcome a faster, cleaner PC experience.


GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2), GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)


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