Termdbs is a free open-source lightweight terminal app that allows you to view and edit local database (SQLite) and large CSV files.

It offers a straightforward terminal interface that you can easily use with many useful shortcuts, or by using your mouse and mouse scroll.

With Termdbs, you can navigate database tables, simple browse any number of columns or rows, query your database with a query manager, and many other features.

Currently, Termdbs supports SQLite, but its near future roadmap includes adding supports for MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Other features

  • Run SQL queries and display the results!
  • Save SQL queries to a clipboard!
  • Update, delete, or insert with SQL, with undo/redo supported for SQLite
  • Automatic JSON formatting in selection/format mode
  • Edit multi-line text with vim-like controls
  • Undo/Redo of changes (SQLite only)
  • Themes (press T in table mode)
  • Output query results as a CSV file.
  • Convert .csv to SQLite database! Export as a SQLite database or .csv file again!


  1. Linux (Arch Linux, Ubuntu)
  2. macOS
  3. Windows


Termdbs is released under the MIT License.