Terra UI : React based components for building clinical/ Medical applications

Terra UI is an open source development library on top of react aiming to provide reusable clinical ready components for developers with React. Its main goal to make use of power React reusable components features and make it easy for developers to build, scale, maintain and upgrade their code with ease.

We have published sometime ago about Opal as healthcare domain centred app development framework, It seems there is new movement among software developers in open source community to cover the ground.

While Opal is covering complete framework from the ground up till building and deploying the application, Terra UI library provides the necessary UI component to use in any React projects, so the developer will still need to use packing library like Webpack but he also free to use his application structure, databases  or any other NPM packages.

Features :

  • Clinical ready components
  • Reporting
  • Internationalization
  • RTL : Right-to-Left support for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and Azeri.
  • Clinical Data Grid component
  • Basic UI : buttons, layout, dialog, date picker, modal, form elements, menu, badge
  • Notifications
  • Patient profile
  • Themes and customisation

Developer note

Terra UI is production with powerful documentation and rich components with Powerful documentation. However the most powerful feature it provides is not the components, or even the clinical component but the builtin Internationalization and RTL support which will make the Terra UI powered apps ready to use in several countries with ease. Hopefully we will see new and more clinical/ healthcare related components as well as more community contribution to such useful library.



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