The best 15 tech YouTube channels you should watch in 2023 (Updated)

The best 15 tech YouTube channels you should watch in 2023 (Updated)

With an abundance of free online tech videos from qualified experts in the tech field, the tricky part is narrowing down which tech expert you should watch, but don’t worry, we have already done the hard work for you.

If you are interested in the tech field or have a business and need someone special for your advertising, or you want to use your free time to learn something new, then this article is for you.

We  created a list of the best YouTube channels that containing Linux tutorials, open sources, privacy guy channel, hardware reviews, and different courses.

Find your favorite channel from this list and start feeling the benefits of this information.

1. Rob Braxman Tech

Rob Braxman

Rob Braxman  is a cybersecurity specialist known as the internet privacy guy interest in hacking and technology, and he has extensive knowledge of cybersecurity. He is discussing alternative communication to serve the modes especially with prepper public good focus.

Rop Broxman started his channel in March 2015 with about than 414 videos and 246k subscribers. His videos go beyond just some Linux tips, cybersecurity, hardware reviews, and more.

2. Simplilearn


While the channel does offer a variety of videos across multiple programming courses, Simplilearn is the first online boot camp in many fields. These channels will become a favorite channel for many programmers.

Simplilearn has a large library of free courses with more than 951k subscribers and over 2.5k videos, started in Oct 2019.The library including IOT training, machine learning, SEO courses, social media marketing,  and many tutorials such as PHP, SQL, angular and more.

3. Unbox thereby

Unbox Therapy

Unboxing Therapy is a tech YouTube channel that produced by Lewis George Hilsentege and Jack McCann. Jack is a videographer and George is a reviewer, producer, and podcaster. His videos reviewing hardware devices such as phones and headphone, Bluetooth speakers and more.

This channel has been active from Dec 2010 to now with almost 18 million subscribers and more than 1.9k videos.

4. Techlore


If you are interested in privacy review, then you can subscribe to this channel, it is spreading privacy and security to the masses.

Techlore has 125k subscribers and more than 299 videos, he started his channel in Feb 2012. His channel is special in privacy and security content, and reviews such as VPN reviews.

5. TutoriaLinux


If you are seeking for Linux videos and tutorials, tutoriaLinux channel has got you covered. The channels are best for those who are looking for Linux, DevOps, cloud, and programming tutorial.

This channel starts in March 2014, It has  more than 207k videos and 165k subscribers.

6. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee 

If you still have not heard of Marques Brownlee, Marques Brownlee is a famous tech oriented YouTuber. He has more than 13.8 million subscribers and 1.3k videos.

His videos offer detailed information and reviews about a wide variety of tech topics with primary focus on reviewing a newly released gadgets.

7. Gary Explains

Gary Explains

Gray is a tech YouTuber known as Gary Explains and speed test, his videos cover various topics including phone reviews, various tech products and some Linux videos.

This channel has been started in Feb. 2018. It is packed with over 190k videos and more than 203k subscribers.

8. Awesome Open Source

Awesome open source

This channel is introduced some wonderful open-source and free software that available for you to use every day.

Awesome open source has around 97 videos and 13.6k subscriber. It started back in Aug. 2019.

9. The verge

The Verge is a multi-topic channel that provide a unique topics and reviews for a wide variety of customers.

Apart from the tech Channel on YouTube the verge also shows everything from smartphones and to games and virtual reality. This channel has over 3.1 million subscribers as of now and over than 3.9k videos.

10. Edureka


Edureka is an interactive E-learning  platform that makes learning accessible to everyone with high-quality videos, webinars, sample classes, lectures from industry practitioners, and influencer.

The channel opened in June 2012, It has now over 2.52 million subscribers and 4k videos in many areas of big data, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, angular data science, python and more.

11. Austin Evans

Austin Evans

Austin Evans channel is the perfect combination of talented exploring questions about special tech issues, smartphone comparisons, similar product comparison, and PC gaming.

His videos have honest information while still providing helpful about the latest technology none useless filler that some YouTuber has.

Austin Evans has 4.95 million subscribers and more than 1730 videos, his channel started in Aug 2007.

12. Hacksmith Industrial

Hacksmith Industrial 

Hacksmith Industrial hosted by James Hobson  is a great channel. It takes fictional ideas from movies games and make real working prototypes.

Hack smith has been active since April 2006 and has grown tremendously since then. With more than 675 videos and 11.8 million subscribers. These videos show the engineering process of making project to inspire people into STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic) fields and to show that anything is possible with science.

13. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips 

Full of consumer technology and video production Linus tech tips is a great resource for everybody who wants to inform and educate people of all ages through entertaining videos.

With more than 13.2 million subscribers and 5.3k videos.

14. Dave2D

Dave Lee

Dave Lee is a YouTuber that has been a channel full of high-quality tech videos. All of his videos are very well-thought-out and executed and focuses on consumer technology and video production.

Dave Lee started his channel  in Jan 2015, The channel now has more than 3.27 million subscribers and 579 videos.

15. Android Authority

Android authority

Finally, if you are an Android fan, Android authority is the best choice for you. This channel reviews of the latest Android products and many smartphones.

Android Authority gained over 3.37 million subscribers with 3.8k videos that have a variety of reviewer and presenters.


Many people interested in the technical field loved to discovering and exploring new things. In this article, we have named fifteen top influencers of this community, you can look through these channels, seek other science enthusiasts, and find something new for yourself.

This is our list of some of the best tech YouTubers in various tech fields. We listed above great tech YouTube channels that we hope to have fun and to find something new for yourself.

If you think we missed any tech YouTubers that need to be on this list, please let us know.  

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