The 7 Best Tools for Effective Editing Your College Essay

The 7 Best Tools for Effective Editing Your College Essay
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When you are writing for school, there are many criteria that you should be careful about. The last thing you want is for your college essay to look sloppy, weird, or unorganized, which can be devastating if it happens due to editing errors.

This can be a long and tiresome process. However, it doesn't have to be so. Learning how to incorporate your edits can be away out, but finding the best editing tools to make the process easier may be difficult.

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The following is a list of the most suitable tools for editing your college essay, with an overview of how each works.

Why Is It Important to Edit and Proofread Documents?

Essays, research, and assignments are unavoidable in college. As a student, these are the primary activities that keep you busy and studying to understand. However, it doesn't be worth a lot without a good presentation. Your essay and research are your representation and grading factors in the educational institution. This is why you cannot overemphasize editing and proofreading for your works, because it can compromise the standard of your documents for submission.

Effective essay writing is when you have an organized, neat, and understandable paper where the reader can quickly identify the references, opinions, and points without confusion. The presentation of your essay as either hard or soft copy will make absolute sense not only because of its clarity but because its good organization makes it informational.

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Through editing and proofreading, your documents will be errors free, and the grammar will be well-structured. You will be able to locate and correct mistakes you've overlooked or unnoticed, avoiding simple or complex mistakes and confusion when reviewing the document. However, you need to ensure your paper has a concise and straightforward introduction and concluding paragraph to perfect it. Sometimes, finishing your essay and wrapping it can be very difficult, however, tools like Online Conclusion Generator makes it easy to create and saves you from stress. The first and last paragraphs determine your grads and give a lasting impression to the instructor.

1- ProWriting Aid

As a writer, ProWritingAid is one of the best tools that you can use for your essays, research and books. It not only corrects grammatical errors but also gives suggestions and explanations on the correct vocabulary to be used. This has proven to be very effective for editing and proofreading documents. It can be used for any form of writing and is available in every location.

2- Grammarly Proofreading

This is a top-rated tool for editing among writers. For college students writing an essay, it is advisable to use this tool to incorporate the best edits and proofread your works. It features the use of American and British English based on your choice and location.

It uses an algorithm to identify the most common grammar mistakes, allowing you to fix them by clicking on the line of text. The program also makes you avoid plagiarism, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly Proofreading app is a professional editor that detects the style and tone of writing, giving feedback on how your essay will be when presented. Its editing correction is top-notch and user-friendly.

3- The Hemingway

For your college essays, Hemingway is a good tool for improving the simplicity of your paper and is an excellent tool for proofreading. This writing app helps, especially in the area of clarity. It indicates sentences that might be too hard for the readers to read and comprehend, thereby makes you bread it down into simpler forms, vocabulary, and phrases fitting correctly in a sentence.

It also has a color coding feature for guidance and easy understanding of users. The writing style and tone are detected, and sentences are better constructed and arranged while maintaining the original point.

4- PaperRater

This writing tool functions with a different technique. It does not only edit documents and essays like other proofreading tools but can also be used as a plagiarism checker. As a collage student, you can also employ this app to grade your report by scoring on your educational level. It provides almost complete insights and evaluation of your essay and helps you know your level of performance before submission, giving you a chance to improve.

This tool also checks your paper title uniqueness against topics of different writing on websites. A good title for a report is a key to getting it in front of a professor, and this can be accomplished with a catchy and attractive one that will grab the instructor's attention. You can use an essay title generator to help develop an original and interesting heading for your paper and persuade the instructor to read on. The tool is easy to use with a straightforward steps to getting your desired excellent results.

5- StyleWriter

As a college student, if you are interested in building your vocabulary writing level, this tool is a great choice to improve your essays. It detects errors, corrects spelling and grammatical errors, and gives your essay clarity for reading. Suggestions are provided for better and standardized sentence writing construction through correct verbs, adverbs and phrase placement, putting your essay in an exceptional condition for submission. It is one of the tops AI depends on for writing it is available in the starter, standard, and professional editions.

It also functions as a plagiarism checker and a high-quality editor. If you've ever been caught plagiarizing before, then you know that it can be incredibly embarrassing and costly. Aside from StudyDriver, you can use several similar checkers for your essay. One of the tools we also recommend is StudyDriver for fast and high-quality free plagiarism checking. This makes it easier for people to read your essay and see that you wrote it yourself.

6- MS Word Add-ones

Microsoft Word is a popular choice for writers documenting, writing essays, or whatever pieces of information. As a college student, you probably are no stranger to Microsoft Word. This can be done through add-ons in the insert tab, which merges an editing tool or app with Microsoft Word. Instead of going through the long process, you can edit and proofread your essay on the open page. These Add-ons can benefit college students with features like the writing assistant, handy calculator, Wikipedia, and others designed to make writing easy and simple.


As a college student, you surely are familiar with the Theasurus. As the name implies, it is like a dictionary; when words become confusing while writing, It gives a brilliant solution. This writing tool is suitable for word synonyms and alternatives.It is accessible and allows any type of word. Forgetting words is unavoidable while writing, this writing tool eases frustration with ease.

Summing Up

Knowing several ways to improve your writing skills and styles is essential as a collage student. The primary writing requirement is practice and knowing what tools best suit you. How to go about getting your idea, research, and opinion together can be less tedious and the stress avoidable. Be sure to choose whichever tool you think is best for you and practice on it, be a bit less stressed by employing great tools for your editing and proofreading.

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