The Best Online Business Writing Classes

For people who do not speak English, it is becoming more and more challenging to develop professionally. Whether you are an IT specialist, a doctor, or a teacher, knowledge of a foreign language can help you move forward, study the work of international colleagues from other countries, attend international conferences and workshops. English makes everyone more mobile, expanding your range of interests and providing additional information.

What's more, even native speakers often face problems in business English. Even if you had an A+ in English and Literature, it does not mean that you will be able to communicate easily in the business sphere. Knowing the right terminology and being able to negotiate in English is a skill that takes months and years to master! That's exactly what kills the desire to start learning business English. People often find excuses: I need to find a good teacher, spend money, allocate time; I can always find writing help or buy essays online if I need it. There are thousands of online business English courses available! We have selected for you the most effective of them, so hurry up and register and dive into the world of useful information!

English for Effective Business Writing

If your vocabulary is good enough for business conversations, negotiations, and communication you are responsible for, but your grammar is not up to par, this course will help you improve it! English for Effective Business Writing course from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is designed especially for those who:

● wants to improve their spelling;

● dreams of understanding all genres of business correspondence;

● learn to write structured and understandable emails for partners/colleagues/customers;

● learn how to communicate with representatives of different countries in writing;

● learn to create business documents;

● discover how to write resumes, motivation letters, and essays.

Engaging in Persuasive and Credible Communication

In addition to the usual situational business communication, many people constantly have to use persuasive skills in their profession, especially in marketing, advertising, management, and sales. It is good when the work takes place in your linguistic comfort zone, but what if you have to convince a foreign partner/customer/colleague? Engaging in the Persuasive and Credible Communication course from the National University of Singapore will enhance your skills in this. After taking it, you will be able to:

● gently persuade customers verbally and in writing;

● advertise your product or service;

● speak in front of an audience, presenting your project impressively, convincing everyone of its quality and relevance;

● learn to communicate in business English with people of different nationalities.

Write Professional Emails in English

This is another business English course aimed at improving written skills in business communication. Write Professional Emails in English will be useful for office managers, managers, IT workers because you will learn:

● compose different types of emails in English that are used in business correspondence;

● write emails correctly, avoiding common grammatical errors;

● study various emails' formats and when to use them;

● discover the cultural impact on business emails writing;

● learn how to write strong subject lines and email body.

Business English

This Specialization from the University of Washington consists of four courses, each dedicated to various spheres of using business English.

● Business English: Networking — for communication with colleagues, business partners, for personal, conversational interactions in a meeting or on the phone;

● Business English: Meetings — for participation in business meetings, trips, and conferences. In this course, you will learn the terminology and get the necessary vocabulary for good communication;

● Business English: Planning & Negotiating — for negotiating, problem-solving, business correspondence;

● Business English: Making Presentations — for making presentations and speaking in front of a group of people.

You can take either the entire specialization, which consists of four courses, or each course separately, strengthening the necessary skills for your work now.

Business English: Finance and Economics

A fair number of people work in economics and finance. It is impossible to advance in your career without business communication skills in English. You can start by taking the Business English: Finance and Economics course from Arizona State University. After taking this program, you will learn how to:

● conduct business correspondence with partners in the field of finance and economics;

● communicate fluently with experts in finance and economics, using all necessary terminology in English;

● make presentations and reports and be able to explain them in English.

To choose the most productive business English course, you need to specify your goals and needs. It can be a very small objective to learn how to deal with business correspondence with an intermediate level of language proficiency in a month. Even if the goal is small but has a time limit, it disciplines the student and promotes success. English classes should be regular, and this is especially important when studying is required for work. It is necessary to devote a small amount of time each day to learning the language.