Turn Folders with Photos and Videos into a Web Gallery with this Amazing app: Thumbsup

Turn Folders with Photos and Videos into a Web Gallery with this Amazing app: Thumbsup

Thumbsup is an exceptional gallery generator. Simply direct it to a directory brimming with photos and videos, and it will effortlessly construct an HTML website for your seamless viewing pleasure. Thumbsup expertly handles the resizing of photos, the creation of visually appealing thumbnails, the efficient re-encoding of videos into a format optimized for the web, and so much more…

It allows you to easily transform any folder containing your precious collection of photos and videos into a stunning web gallery.

With Thumbsup, you can showcase your visual memories in a whole new way!


Here are some key features that make Thumbsup the perfect choice for creating web galleries:

  • Fast: Thumbsup keeps track of which photos are new and only rebuilds what's necessary. If everything is up to date, running thumbsup on a 50GB folder only takes a few seconds.
  • User-friendly documentation
  • If you're looking for static hosting options, Thumbsup seamlessly integrates with Amazon S3, providing you with a reliable and scalable solution for hosting your web gallery.
  • Thumbsup utilizes relative paths, which means that you can effortlessly deploy your web pages anywhere you desire, without worrying about broken links or compatibility issues.
  • Beautiful lightbox
  • One of the greatest advantages of Thumbsup is its ability to only rebuild the files that have been changed, making the process incredibly fast and efficient.
  • The mobile-friendly website created by Thumbsup comes with customizable themes, allowing you to personalize the look and feel of your gallery to match your unique style and preferences.
  • Thumbsup generates thumbnails and multiple resolutions for your media files, ensuring fast and seamless previews for your audience.
  • Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Runs within Docker
  • Comes with many themes.
  • Developer-friendly documentation

With Thumbsup, the possibilities are endless. Start transforming your folder of photos and videos into a captivating web gallery today!


Simply organise your photos and videos into a folder. Getting started is as easy as

npm install -g thumbsup
thumbsup --input ./photos --output ./gallery

You can also use the thumbsupgallery/thumbsup Docker image. From selecting themes to thumbnail sizes and sorting options, there are many more settings you can experiment with.


MIT License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - thumbsup/thumbsup: Generate static HTML photo / video galleries
Generate static HTML photo / video galleries. Contribute to thumbsup/thumbsup development by creating an account on GitHub.
thumbsup · Static gallery generator

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