Tiddloid Lite: Enjoy your TiddlyWiki on Android

Tiddloid Lite: Enjoy your TiddlyWiki on Android

TiddlyWiki is an amazing one-file open-source wiki that offers a different approach to record, share and backup data. Unlike most of the Wiki engines that depend on a database, TiddlyWiki is a flat-file one that works directly from your browser or a TiddlyWiki client.

You can use TiddlyWiki as a personal logger, task manager, a journaling system, a personal dictionary, or anything you want, as you can customize and reshape it as you require.

Tiddloid Lite is a free open-source TiddlyWiki client for Android devices. It helps you store, edit, and backup TiddlyWiki on Android, without the need for any external paid app or a complex configuration.

Despite it is a lightweight app, it is packed with a dozens of useful feature as it aims for avid TiddlyWiki users.


  • Creating new TiddlyWiki files with latest TiddlyWiki template
  • Importing existing TiddlyWiki files stored on a writable source
  • Adding a folder containing TiddlyWiki-based `index.htm(l)` (Android 5.0 and above)
  • Adding files or folders held on WebDAV servers (Android 5.0 and above)
  • Receiving a TiddlyWiki site URL shared from Browser and save as a new file or a bookmark
  • Opening an HTML file and adding to the list if it is a valid TiddlyWiki
  • Applying theme color to the UI with some in-wiki configurations, as well as other tweaks
  • Saving changes by clicking the Save button
  • Save and Find option in context menu.
  • Draft from any selected text.
  • A Backup system that preserves your previous versions in case of misoperations.
  • Convenient operations like Create shortcut, Clone and Delete.
  • Importing or exporting wiki list data in WebDAV.


Download Tiddloid from F-Droid.


The project is released under the GPL-2.0 License.


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