Tiles Is A Free Window Manager for macOS

Tiles Is A Free Window Manager for macOS

Managing macOS desktop windows may seem an easy task, by default, you can resize, move or snap windows. However, some power users demand more control, especially when using multiple monitors.

Personally, I like to use the Tile window manager app to manage my macOS windows, which proven reliable with a light speed performance.

It offers an amazing customizable shortcuts (hotkeys) library, that speed up your screen organizing tasks.

Despite its lightweight, it is a feature rich app, that helps you organize your windows in productive manner alongside, in the next list you can review all of its features:

  1. Set window position in your screen
  2. Set window on the right or the left
  3. Undo your latest window organization
  4. Send window to the next or previous display
  5. Snap window to screen with different options
  6. Set a window to a full-screen mode
  7. Restore the previous window size
  8. Access to all the function from your menubar
  9. Set a windows padding
  10. Customize hotkeys
  11. Enable/ disable animation
  12. Set snap zone thickness
  13. Launch the Tile app at login
  14. Automatic update

Tiles is totally a free app by Semplive (Freemacsoft), that works for macOS 10.10 and later. It works on both Intel and Apple Silicon devices.


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