TimeCat is a Free Tool for Recording and Playing your Website Experience

TimeCat is a Free Tool for Recording and Playing your Website Experience
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TimeCat is an amazing open-source web page recording tool that allows users to effortlessly capture and save their browsing sessions. With TimeCat, users can generate files that mimic the appearance and functionality of real videos, providing a highly interactive and immersive experience.

This innovative tool meticulously records and reproduces every action performed by the user within the browser, accurately preserving the sequence of clicks, scrolls, and interactions with various elements on the web page.

Whether it's for educational purposes, user testing, or simply for personal documentation, TimeCat offers unparalleled convenience and precision in capturing and reliving web browsing activities.

With TimeCat you can make ultra-long browser recording, optimized for high performance and low storage, allowing for tracking of all browser interactions.

Chrome extension and Browser support

TimeCat offers an amazing Chrome plugin that provides a seamless experience for recording and exporting web content with just a single click.

With TimeCat Browser, users can easily capture and save online content from popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.


  • GPL-3.0 license

Resources & Download

TimeCat 🐱 TimeCat
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GitHub - oct16/TimeCat: A Magical Web Recorder & Player 🖥
A Magical Web Recorder & Player 🖥 . Contribute to oct16/TimeCat development by creating an account on GitHub.

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