Tina is an amazing Open-source CMS that Speeds up Your Productivity

What is Tina CMS?

Tina is a free open-source CMS editor, that uses GitHub to store your content. It comes with an amazing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor as a visual aid to create rich, responsive, colorful pages.

Unlike other static website generators, Tina offers almost zero-config and allowing normal users, to start editing and customizing their projects in no time.

Tina is built on top of NextJS; an enterprise-class React framework.  

Tina is powered by a strong community of developers and professional users, which means you don't have to worry about the project being abandoned or dying at least in the near future.


  1. One-min setup
  2. Zero-configuration
  3. Git-based storage
  4. Git-based version control
  5. Rich visual WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  6. Supports Markdown syntax
  7. Export a responsive website by default
  8. Query content using Tina Cloud's GraphQL.
  9. Easy to add React components for building a complex page
  10. It comes with a rich command-line tool set which based on Next.js
  11. Comes with a rich user and developer-friendly documentation
  12. Highly customizable
  13. Supports several content types
  14. Offers a built-in form support
  15. Integrates with any existing Next.js project
  16. Built-in Tailwind support


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