Tips to Arrange an Effective Rest

How to manage your rest?

Work is becoming increasingly difficult to get rid of: and on vacation we check mail, go to social networks and make calls to important partners. However, studies show that this way of spending holidays only increases stress and can lead to burnout.

Even a few days can help!

Stress tends to accumulate. Work breaks are critical to resetting the body's physiological response to stress and can have a long-term impact on health and well-being. Dutch scientists also talk about this, they found that even a short vacation (4-5 days) has the same positive effect as a longer one (from 9 days).

Turn off email notifications and switch on games

It can be useful to do activities that you consider frivolous in ordinary life or put off for later. For example, Zodiac Casino games and TV series, eating cakes and playing snowballs with children. At the same time, it is important to turn off notifications on your phone, and instead of working mail, read books from a list compiled six months ago.

Get distracted by a physical activity

This is an obvious thing, but let's say it again - exercise is significant, as it helps to relax, just like a message or a good joke. The hardest thing about relaxation is taking your mind off work. Visualization is a good way to do this: imagine yourself in someplace that has nothing to do with work, such as a carnival or a deserted island by a campfire.

Find some time for yourself in the middle of the fun

The hardest part of relaxing is the feeling that you need to rest. This can turn into a bitter duty, like another task to be completed. Remember, relaxing doesn't mean doing anything because when you lie on the couch, you usually scroll through your to-do list in your mind.

The way to get away from gloomy thoughts will be an honest pastime alone with yourself, although this is difficult to achieve. Weekends and holidays are the time when you make other people happy, even though they are infinitely close to you. If you have children, tell your partner (or yourself) that after they get into bed, you watch a movie or go for a walk. This is not selfishness or antisocial behavior, but a vital time for reflection.

Practice mindfulness

The mindfulness technique, the practice of fixing consciousness on the “here and now” approach, will help to distract from work. Even if you're not physically working, you can ruminate on unfinished projects and that kills the whole idea of ​​relaxation. Therefore, learn to practice mental presence At this moment of relaxation.

And a last, but very important aspect. Try not to talk about work, even on a holiday with colleagues, changing the topic is a good move. Even though this might sound tempting to build future plans and forecasts for the nearest future, try to use your holiday time as relaxing and distracted as you can. Otherwise, you might experience fatigue too soon after returning from a vacation.

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