To Don't is an outstanding open-source app for Android that helps you manage and quit your bad habits. It is the reverse of to-do list app where you create to-do/ tasks lists and manage them.

The app also gives you a look into your bad habits, and set a plan to avoid doing them day by day.

The app is pretty straightforward, simply add your bad habits and start avoiding them, log your activities and monitor your success.

You can label or tag your bad habits' in categories life food, pets, work, romance, or friendship.

With this app you can stay on top of your progress. The Log gives you insight into your overall success rates and pinpoints what bad habit you have been most attached to — over a week, a month, or a year. So you can easily work toward a better you.

Can it be used to quit smoking?

Smocking is a bad habit, the app can certainly be used to help smokers quit, however there are some better tools to do so.

Can this app work for ADHD Patients?

The app does not include any special or custom features for ADHD or OCD patients, but it may be a great assistive tool for them.


The app is released as an open-source under the Apache 2.0 License.


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