TodoTxtMac: native minimal keyboard-driven todo/ task manager for macOS (Free program)

TodoTxtMac is an open-source task manager for macOS that is fully keyboard-driven with one-key bindings for commonly-used commands

Their features include multiple selections in the task list, support due to date format, shortcuts to toggle completion, automatic update checking, displays general metadata, and more.

TodoTxtMac is a minimalist, keyboard-driven to-do manager for Mac OS X that conforms to the todo.txt format spec. Version 2.0.0 and up are supported only on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Version 1.6.1 can be used on lower versions of Mac OS X, down to Mac OS X 10.8, though support is not guaranteed.


General Features

  • Full compliance with the todo.txt format spec.
  • Fully keyboard-driven, with one-key bindings for commonly-used commands.
  • Multiple selection in the task list.
  • Support for due dates, which are formatted "due:YYYY-MM-DD".
  • Shortcuts to toggle completion, change priority, set due dates, and delete all selected tasks.
  • Archive completed tasks (to done.txt), either on command or automatically.
  • Preserves Windows or Unix line endings in the todo.txt file for cross-platform compatability.
  • Automatic update checking.
  • Displays general metadata (task counts, etc.) about the task list.
  • Undo/redo support.

Adding and removing tasks

  • Paste one or more tasks into the task list from the clipboard.
  • Import one or more tasks into the task list via drag-and-drop.
  • Optionally prepend the task creation task on newly created tasks (including those pasted in from the clipboard).
  • Copy selected tasks to the clipboard.
  • Cut selected tasks to the clipboard.
  • Reload file on command.

Sorting and filtering

  • Sort task list by priority, project, context, due date, etc.
  • Filter task list.
  • Quick filters: preset filters mapped to number keys.
  • Search field for quick, ad-hoc filtering of the task list.

Due dates

  • Set arbitrary due dates on selected tasks.
  • Increment, decrement, or remove due dates.
  • Postpone tasks by X (user-entered) days.
  • Supports relative due dates, such as "due:tomorrow" and "due:Saturday" for new tasks. These strings can be localized.

Fonts and colors

  • User-customizable font for the task list.
  • Bold priorities in task list.
  • Colors completed tasks in light gray and applies strikethrough.
  • Colors overdue tasks in purple and tasks due today in red. Both these colors are user customizable.
  • User-customizable colors for projects, contexts, due dates, threshold dates, creation dates, and arbitrary tags in task list.

Mac-specific user interface features

  • Autosave on change (Note that the title bar will say "Edited" even after autosaving, because this is the Mac's default behavior).
  • Autocomplete project names.
  • Autocomplete context names.
  • Multiple document interface.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Open todo.txt files by dragging and dropping them onto the application icon.


This application is dual-licensed under the GNU General Public License and the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for full license information.


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