Essential and very helpful Healthcare Android Apps for Pediatricians and Neonatologists.

Pediatric Scores:
Application that compiles over 70 scores in Pediatrics. A great help in PICU!
Languages: English / French / Spanish / Portuguese.

It is a drug reference for paediatricians. Now also for urgent pediatric diseases and health emergencies.
Language: Spanish.

Ped(z) - Pediatric Calculator:
Helpful pediatric app for pediatricians, developed by a pediatrician.

  • Pediatrics/Drug dosage/Emergency/Nursing/Parenting:
    This app aims at making the child carers life easier. From articles, guidance, calculators, graphs, immunisations programmes are instantly accessible.

  • Pediatric Pharma Guide:
    Pediatric Pharma guide gives you free, offline access to information on generic drugs (dosages, indications, more), medicine brands with available forms, alternate brands and much more.

  • Infinite Dose: The Smart Drug Dosage Calculator:
    A must have drug dosing app for every physician or nurse to calculate the most difficult intravenous Emergency , ICU and NICU drugs doses or just the simplest pediatric outpatient daily oral medications.

  • NeoMate:
    NeoMate helps neonatal staff to provide the best possible care for unwell babies in the hospital setting. The app offers drug, infusion and fluid calculations, concise checklists for common clinical problems, and quick reference information to guide acute neonatal intensive care.

  • Pediatric dosage calculator:
    Quickly find the dosage of commonly used IV and Oral drugs for children.

  • Dextrose Calc - Neonatal GIR Calculation Made Easy:
    The easiest app to perform the most complicated GIR (Glucose Infusion Rate) calculations for every neonatal patient.

  • APGAR Score Pro:
    Simple and very easy to use.