Top 10 Technology Trends in 2021

Top 10 Technology Trends in 2021

Technology is ever-evolving regardless of the current market conditions. New technologies are emerging with groundbreaking innovations to tackle world issues.

It must be strange that predictions are being made about the future of technology in these uncertain times these innovations are what make life easier in the coming years from systems that could predict the risk of viral transmission to drones that could deliver essentials to your door industry is transforming our lives.

These are the trending technologies that you need to learn in order to have a successful career in the year 2021.

1- 5G Technology

5G Technology

We all have 4G now, 5g is the fifth generation of wireless network technology.

Every new generation of wireless networks is significantly faster and more capable than the old version.

5G is a software-defined network, which means that while it won’t replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud instead. This means it will have a 100x better capacity than 4G -which will dramatically improve internet speeds.

What do you need to take advantage of 5G?

5G devices with 5g radios and a 5g network.

You can build a great business with this technology and get money.

2- Internet of Behaviors

Internet of Behaviors

the internet of behaviors is the analytics of data collected from devices that are connected to the internet or more commonly known as the internet of things(IoT).

IoT is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. It's all done using sensors.

The benefit of collecting data from different sources is that companies are able to find a variety of consumers as well as different sources that will track specific data websites, social media, telematics, beacons, smartwatches, sensors.

Businesses use this data to try and change consumer behavior which is usually trying to get consumers to buy a company's product or service.

3- DevSecOps


It is short of Development, Security, and Operations. DevSecOps is all about DevOps, with the lens on security.

devsecops is a growing field that's going to be a game-changer for software companies in the upcoming years.

simply devsecops means adding you guessed it security into your DevOps pipeline.

When you do devsecops you don't treat security as an afterthought instead you add it to all the stages of your development pipeline so the component of security is baked into your product.

The benefits of DevSecOps :

1. Observability means how observable is your application delivery process in and of itself.

2. Traceability means that are you able to understand what user stories are being deployed and managed in the run-time environment and can you prove it.

3. confidence and this is all about the business having a trustful relationship with the IT organization

4- Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Automation involves taking a machine taught to do simple repetitive tasks automation and teaching it to adapt or correct its performance based on a lot of changing conditions at incredible speed and scale or even at a smaller scale like cleaning your apartment, and more.

Intelligent Automation can transform, gather your business, and process both structured and unstructured data, enabling businesses to utilize data to make decisions in a way that was not previously possible.

It also can process beyond what humans are capable of. This means organizations can improve their service speed, handle large volumes, increase accuracy, and complete tasks that were before not deemed possible.

5- Tactile VR

Tactile VR

Innovative technologies have successfully created immersive experiences for us using Augmented and Virtual reality.

While Virtual Reality creates simulated environments for us, augmented reality is the technological layer on top.

'VR Tactile' is a haptic digital architectural environment that combines physical materiality with digital information to create a multisensory, interactive experience.

6- Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the study of huge amounts of stored data in order to extract behavior patterns these data are characterized by the high speed they are being generated with, the huge volume they represent, the immense variety of typology they encompass, and the degree of veracity they are.

With big data, you can profile your customers and engage their personal tastes in real-time

Big Data technologies offer huge improvements over the older tech like data warehouses there's a trend where big companies like City are using both the old and new tech together.

7- Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation

Gartner mentioned human augmentation near the end of 2019 as one of the most important technology trends for the coming years.

The field of human augmentation (sometimes referred to as human 2.0) focuses on creating cognitive and physical improvements as an integral part of the human body.

8-  as a Service (XaaS)


as a service is a specific type of computing that involves IT resources and services that can be accessed without owning the Associated physical equipment these services are delivered at the appropriate scale in a multi-tenant environment, on-premise, on-demand, or both.

9- Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting our networks and devices from unauthorized access (small, big cyberattacks, or a cyber threat).

10- AI Engineering

AI Engineering

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer system to mimic human behavior.

Artificial intelligence brings about evolution by automating our day-to-day work.

AI can take care of everyday routine tasks, such as daily statistics snapshots, automatic sending of letters with utility bills, greeting letters, and other important notifications.

AI capabilities for dangerous tasks will reduce the risk to human well-being and safety.

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