Top 7 tips for effortless moving to a new sea-view apartment in Dubai

Top 7 tips for effortless moving to a new sea-view apartment in Dubai

Relocation to Dubai is a reasonable decision for most foreigners due to unstable political and economic situations in the world. Besides, affluent foreigners, who prefer not to leave their motherland, choose to buy flats by the sea for investment in Dubai to save their capital.

Economic growth and stability make Dubai one of the world's key business centers. There is no taxation on personal income here, which creates favorable conditions for prosperity and personal enrichment. 

Reasons to relocate to Dubai now

The high level of security and modern communications make the city an ideal place for single expats and families. Cultural diversity and openness to the world create a unique atmosphere where everyone finds their place.

With outstanding infrastructure, chic real estate and exclusive entertainment options, Dubai offers the highest standard of living. Not only the financial benefits, but also the unique combination of cultural experience and the city's modern image make a move to Dubai attractive to those seeking new horizons, stability and the opportunity to fulfill dreams.

Benefits of investing in real estate by the sea in Dubai

Living in a flat with a sea view in one of the most developed cities in the world provides an extensive pack of benefits. However, what do buyers get when they choose apartments by the sea in Dubai as investment objects? 

1- Flourishing tourism industry.

The Covid-19 outbreak took a serious toll on Dubai's tourism industry, but it's crucial to remember that the market recovered much more quickly and the decline in visitor numbers was not as great as in other well-known tourist destinations because of fewer onerous regulations.

Dubai welcomed foreign visitors as early as July 2020, and in late 2020 and early 2021, the city played host to a number of significant festivals and exhibitions. Dubai Expo 2020 was a major factor in 2021–2022, driving tourism. In just six months, it drew in over 13 million visitors from around the globe.

It is anticipated that by 2024, there will be 18 million tourists visiting Dubai, surpassing the pre-covid level. Such an intensive flow of tourists creates a huge demand on rental real estate, especially that with great sea views. 

2- High return on investment.

Profitability of real estate by the sea is driven by high volume of developments, reputability of developers and exceptional conditions for foreign buyers. The ROI in Dubai is up to 13%. The precise numbers vary depending on the project, the area, and the length of lease (long- or short-term).

3- Effective plan of the emirate's development.

The government of Dubai has created a strategy for Dubai development up to 2040. They aim at creating one of the most comfortable places for living in the world. The plan includes significant positive changes in all spheres, real estate in particular. 

Advice of effective relocation to Dubai 

Relocation to a new place is always a challenge. However, moving to a new spacious apartment in Dubai is a pleasant challenge. There are several tips on how to facilitate the process of moving and save your money. 

Early planning is crucial  

Do not rush. Early planning is a key to success. You need to create a detailed checklist with all important tasks. The content depends on your current location. If you have already lived in Dubai for some time and now decide to enjoy living by the sea, notify utility providers, schedule movers, and arrange the transfer of mail. Early planning allows you to tackle tasks gradually, reducing the last-minute rush.

Research your new neighborhood 

Make sure you do a thorough study of the neighborhood before relocating to your seaside apartment. Get acquainted with the surrounding attractions, transit choices, and local amenities. Gaining a thorough understanding of the area will enable you to quickly adapt and maximize your new surroundings.

Engage professional movers 

Invest in expert moving assistance to guarantee a smooth transition. Find and work with a reliable moving company that specializes in long-distance moves and handling fragile items. Expert movers can help you save time and effort by helping with the packing, moving, and unpacking. Be careful and attentive to avoid any type of fraud. 

Take advantage of storage services 

Use storage services if you need more time to get settled into your new apartment with a view of the sea. This enables you to store non-essential items while gradually moving in at your own pace. For people who would prefer to avoid clutter in the early going, it's a practical choice.

Organize and declutter 

Decluttering your possessions is a great opportunity that moving offers. Go through everything you own, sell or donate things you no longer need, and pack wisely. This guarantees a fresh start in your new sea-view home and also makes the moving process more efficient. Taking fewer things will also save your money, especially when travelling from abroad. 

Set up utilities in advance 

To guarantee a seamless transfer of services, organize with utility providers. Coordinate in advance your move-in date, make arrangements for the installation of utilities such as internet, water, and electricity. By taking the initiative, you can start living in your new seaside home right away.

Personalize your sea-view space 

By adding your own touches, you can make your new apartment feel like home. Organize your belongings carefully, taking note of the arrangement and style. Arrange furniture to take full advantage of the stunning views to enhance the sea-view experience. To make a place that expresses your style and individuality, add personal touches like artwork and décor. Having your own atmosphere helps to adapt to a new place and reduce homesickness. 

Assistance in buying real estate by the sea in Dubai 

Investing in real estate by the sea in Dubai, visit the website Emirates.Estate. An extensive database has been created to deliver suitable housing units to any buyer. Choose the necessary characteristics and analyze available options. Emirates.Estate cooperates directly with the developer to cater high quality properties for the best prices.

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