Totum is An Astonishing Open Source Low-code Airtable Alternative

Business database for non-programmers. Universal UI, simple-code logic, automatic actions, access rules, logging, API and more

Totum is An Astonishing Open Source Low-code Airtable Alternative

Totum is an open-source no-code database interface that allows users to create complex data oriented and spreadsheet based applications with a complex interface without having to dig into the backend code.

In contrast, it is a business database tool for programmers, that supports logic building, automatic actions, and comes with rich access rules system, and logging.

Totum's front-end supports both desktop and mobile, and it is straightforward to build, connect data sources, and manage your interface.

Beside's the spreadsheet view, Totum offers a Kanban view mode, list view, and allows users to create a customizable view.

Use cases

Totum can be used for:

  1. Create accounting software
  2. Order management
  3. Service accounting
  4. Contract shipments
  5. Lease management and accounting
  6. Stock management
  7. Inventory management
  8. Collecting data from sensors (IoT)
  9. Backend for online shops
  10. Purchasing optimization
  11. Application prototyping
  12. Building internal tools


  • Easy to setup, configure and use
  • Supports many user interface elements: Strings, Numbers, Checkboxes, Buttons, Dropdown lists, Trees, Dates, Files/ Images, and Charts.
  • Responsive user interface
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Offers table, tree, kanban, and custom views
  • Import/ Export data to CSV
  • Built-in developer-friendly REST API
  • Rich documentation
  • Offers a built-in simple syntax for low-code mode
  • Comes with a built-in full-text search that can be customized to search in certain tables, and fields.
  • Allows field calculation in a simple syntax code like Google and MS Office Spreadsheet
  • Supports Charts
  • Comes with a built-in file browser
  • Includes date/time picker
  • Tree and kanban views support drag-and-drop


By utilizing its efficient ACL, Totum offers two modes, system: Admin/ Developer mode, and end-user mode, in which admins and developers can easily manage end-user mode permissions.

Developer's note

Totum is written in PHP but is internally programming with its own language — totum code.

Totum uses PostgreSQL database as a data store.


The Community version of Totum is distributed under an MIT license. Free for any type of use!


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