Twine the easiest game engine for non-coder

Twine the easiest game engine for non-coder

loving story games, wanting to create your text adventure game, and you don’t have knowledge about programming language as many other game development tools do, in this case, you do not have to worry about that.

In this article, we will give you a short introduction to a wonderful open-source tool called Twine that allows you to write your own interactive stories easily. What it is, why we should use it, we will recommend a tutorial and more.

What is Twine?

Twine is a free open-source game engine software tool to build nonlinear-based story games and developing interactive films. Tool for creating hypertext.

Twine was created by Chris Klimas in 2009. The current build version is Twin 2.3.13, as of April 2021, So essentially Twine version 2 and if you click on you can download version one or version two, and these versions are very different from each other.

This tool is packed with dozens of tools and features. It let a couple of people play through the game without they had even made the game itself with all visuals. It offers a web version by using a browser and computer version, and they look the same. Web-version backup is what most people use.


Why Twine?

1- You can create a branching story for your users

2- Twine gives you the ability to customize your game via code

3- You will be able to create an inventory

4- Allows you to design a combat system

5- The default language for non-coders so anyone can deal with it

6- Allows the reader to make decisions about what they read next.

7- Twine requires a serious investment of time and energy.

8- Helps you to create your simple game

9- You can create a complete game from scratch.

10- Twine works with basic HTML files

11- Allows you to create some pretty robust stories with very basic command

How does Twine work?

Game development with Twine is easy for kids and teens because Twine makes for an on-ramp. When you have no experience. An advanced game engine requires you to understand a programming language like c++, c#, 3d modeling, and a good grasp of leaner algebra.


1- Here are the features Twine provides:

2- Easily create interactive fiction games

3- Little to no coding knowledge needed

4- Free desktop and web app

5- Community resources

6- Potential for radical, experimental work

7- Most accessible game development tool

8- Open-source tool

9- Rich documentation


The engine builds using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS and you can use it online.


Twine is released under the GPL v3 license.


Twine are engine allows for you to develop a game where the player reads messages and a story.


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