Tymly: an open-source low-code platform with re-usable components

Tymly: an open-source low-code platform with re-usable components

Tymly is a free open-source low-code software tool to build flexible and scalable applications.

Tymly was created by West Midlands Fire Service. The current build version is coded to JavaScript Standard Style which gives the code clear clarity that is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of people. By adding a common culture and style of coding to the open project that will make collaboration across different sectors and teams easy.

Tymly is packed with dozens of tools and features. It let you to quickly and easily build custom blueprints; a way to describe some related components to produce useful software, and to fill a business need. It offers businesses with swift and iterative delivery of new applications for your business functions. It delivers a software service which meets the unique challenges facing today’s Public Sector.

Tymly is intended for:

  • Developers with good experience
  • Enterprise development

Tymly Low-code blueprints

Tymly offers a JSON-Schema approach to build blueprints which contains the app logic in a no-SQL fashion. This approach eases the development and results in a faster deployment time.

Tymly's blueprints can be shared among developers, organization and companies. Developers can re-use, modify and re-use them when required.

Blueprint store contains a good collection and a real-world examples of how effective Tymly is.

To run Tymly you will need Node.js installed on your system. You also require to install "Lerna" package, ensure you have Git installed and get your GitHub Access Token ready.


  1. Command-line user-interface for model and blueprint management
  2. Mobile-first platform
  3. Blueprint development approach
  4. Full-text-search support
  5. All-in-one: One app, one platform to manage everything
  6. Perfect tool for collaboration and working with others
  7. Enabling you to kick-start your digital transformations with robust and innovative solutions
  8. Easily create an application to combine your business functions and processes
  9. Give your work more effectively and efficiently
  10. Creating your business function is easily way
  11. Rich documentation
  12. Developer-friendly reference
  13. Beginner-friendly guide
  14. Self-sufficiency
  15. Open-source
  16. Developer-friendly
  17. Allows users to access all their digital services from any device
  18. Single app pp support
  19. It introduced a blueprint; allow organizations to document their digital services using a set of open standards.
  20. Security-oriented design
  21. Uses PostgreSQL as a database backend.
  22. User roles, groups, and permission
  23. User dynamic roles
  24. Role templates
  25. Plugins support (PostgreSQL, Auth0, SharePoint, Notify)
  26. GraphQL API support
  27. Card-template generation for MVC pattern
  28. GitHub Sync


Tymly allows users to access all digital services from any device, anywhere. It works seamlessly on Windows, macOS and Linux. I tested it on the new Apple Silicon M1, and it works without issue.


Tymly is released as an open-source under the MIT license.


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