Umple: Open-source UML editor

Umple is a cross-platform open-source model-oriented programming system that enables the developer to create UML models without breaking a sweat.

Umple works online as a self-hosted system or can be used as Eclipse plugins.

Umple features

With Umple you can do?

  1. Create UML models textually
  2. Create a class diagram
  3. State machine models
  4. Create feature diagram
  5. Create a composite structure
  6. Add UML modeling constructs into your software: Java, PHP, C++, or Ruby.
  7. Generate code from UML models
  8. Multiple diagram types
  9. Create or load tasks
  10. Dozens of examples
  11. Online edition
  12. Save as URL
  13. Eclipse plugin
  14. Works as a standalone system
  15. Rich developer-friendly documentation


  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Linux
  4. Online
  5. Docker


Umple is released under MIT license.

Download Umple

You can download Umple as a .jar application which requires Java to run.


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