Upgrading Healthcare Efficiency: The Role of JD Edwards Upgrade Services

Upgrading Healthcare Efficiency: The Role of JD Edwards Upgrade Services
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The healthcare industry is a critical piece of the machine that is American society. When people need help caring for themselves, the healthcare system can step in to play that role.

Businesses in this space must contend with numerous challenges, changing technology, policy decisions by the federal government, and all the logistics of running a successful company.

One tool that can help you accomplish all your objectives is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. JD Edwards is one of the preeminent ERP software programs in the business world.

Thousands of brands take advantage of its functionality for a more efficient operation. However, technology changes quickly, and simply using JD Edwards software may not be enough to keep up with the competition. 

When using this ERP to run your company more efficiently, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the features, applications, and security protocols. JD Edwards upgrade services can help your business navigate the process of upgrading this ERP for better performance as a healthcare provider. Let’s talk about how. 

Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity is a consistent area of concern for healthcare brands. Patient data must be kept private and safe, whether that means medical records or payment information. As you rely on the JD Edwards ERP to track much of this data and keep it secure, failing to update the software could create some vulnerabilities where hackers can find a foothold in the system.

Upgrading to the latest features will ensure security for your applications remains top-notch to prevent the damage that cyber-attacks can do to your company’s reputation. If you are not ready to upgrade, you can test your applications for vulnerabilities with security scanners

Stronger Data Management

Healthcare companies deal with a lot of data. You need data points like patient history, services provided, past physicians, marketing strategy, and more to stay competitive as a business.

Managing all this data can be tough, especially as your company grows. Much of your data collection, sorting, and integration can be automated through JD Edwards processes, but only if your applications and software programs are updated regularly. With each upgrade comes greater functionality in data management practices, so it is important to keep up with these updates to stay relevant. 

Improving Patient Care

Your top priority is to provide healthcare services to your patients. When technology fails you, this objective becomes far more difficult. JD Edwards upgrade services play an important role in keeping your ERP needs met.

For example, if you are experiencing some technical errors with your program that are slowing down patient care services, on-call IT support can help you report and fix the issue as quickly as possible to get back on track.

Additionally, the latest features of JD Edwards ERP tools lighten the load on your team members, freeing them up to perform better care for customers and prioritize their time efficiently. Transitioning through the upgrade process may feel intimidating, especially if your team is experiencing a busy season. Getgsi.com can serve your staff before, during, and after the upgrade process to ensure a smooth transition.  

Keeping Up With Regulations

Healthcare as an industry changes every year. New technologies related to patient health are being innovated, new laws are signed into code, and expectations from patients continue to change for healthcare providers.

Regulatory compliance can be a challenge when you are not using the right business technologies to adapt to these constant changes. Upgrading your ERP software consistently will improve functionality, allowing you to adapt and adhere to new healthcare regulations each year. JD Edwards upgrade services can help you implement new processes to aid in regulatory compliance within the healthcare industry. 

Augmenting Your Staff Through the Upgrade

Adopting an upgraded ERP can be a challenge, especially if your company is migrating from a different platform to JD Edwards. Fortunately. Upgrade services can augment your staff to help with the transition.

Rather than spending extra resources on hiring consultants or losing time searching for experts to join your team during the transition, firms like GSI can augment your staff temporarily.

A managed services provider will join your team and help train employees on new application features and ERP processes to ensure business does not slow down during the transition. 

Upgrading to JD Edwards is An Investment in the Future

The healthcare industry is not going away anytime soon. People will always need help taking care of their physical and mental conditions. As a service provider in this space, it is your job to develop an efficient company that can meet the needs of your patients, and the right ERP can make this happen.

Upgrading this software will ensure you are on the cutting edge of innovative business technologies so your healthcare brand can remain competitive in a crucial industry

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